Our Promise

You take your product seriously, and so do we. As a dedicated contract production facility, we’re committed to doing it the right way. This means an emphasis on quality, consistency and customer service.

Our Services

Barrett Beverage is dedicated to serving the alcoholic beverage industry in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We’re licensed by the TTB as a brewery and distillery, which gives us tremendous flexibility to meet your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned brewer or distiller looking for some extra capacity or a new brand looking to start up without breaking the bank, we’re here for you. Additionally, we offer private label products and bulk spirits for established distilleries. We’ll help make sure your arrangement is compliant with state and federal regulations, and connect you with other resources you need to be successful. Our key offerings include:

  • Packaging: including kegging, canning and bottling
  • Co-Packing: we offer co-packaging services to include blending, carbonation and packaging. Velcorin dosing is available.
  • Laboratory: our comprehensive lab ensures that your products are safe, consistent and high quality every time
  • Office Space: Need a place to get some work done or a conference room to host your customers? You’re all set at Barrett Beverage. We have two conference rooms, multiple “hotel” style offices and a Sensory Room overlooking the production area for the exclusive use of our customers. We’re not open to the public, which means a predictable environment for key meetings
  • Storage: Barrett Beverage is situated on close to two acres in Clackamas County, OR. We’ve got ample room for securely storing your products
  • Location: We’re just off of I-205 with easy access for trucks and tractor trailers, making our facility convenient for customers of all sizes

Our Brewery

At the heart of our production facility is a 20 BBL, three-vessel brewhouse capable of producing more than 20,000 BBL per year. Our gear was made in Vancouver, Washington, USA by Marks Design and Metalworks, a leader in the manufacture of brewery equipment.

Our Distillery

Our distillery is anchored by a 500G hybrid pot still with a 20″ diameter side column for rectification and an inline botanical infuser. This configuration provides maximum flexibility to produce everything from whiskey and rum, to brandy and beyond. Our still was skillfully designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon, USA by Bridgetown Brew Systems.

Our Values

You might be wondering: what’s with the anchor and dolphin in the logo? This device is linked to a latin phrase that dates back a long, long way: Festina Lente. The most precise translation is “Make haste, slowly”. In modern times, our dads say “Measure twice, cut once”. Great things happen when you act deliberately and don’t cut corners. Our quality controls ensure that we produce the best possible product every time.

Mount Hood viewed from Lost Lake in Oregon.

Our Edge: Abundance

The Pacific Northwest is blessed with abundance in so many ways. Our region is home to globally traded grains, hops, grapes, nuts, fruits and berries. We boast multiple renowned wine regions, we’re known the world over for our craft beer, and our craft spirits industry has been consistently growing for over a decade. This leads to the abundance of another key commodity: talent. We’re very fortunate to have assembled a team of highly talented people who are dedicated to making the finest products in the industry.